20 Clever Altar Ideas



Do you have a small apartment? Do you share your space with someone who doesn’t respect your privacy? Do you prefer to keep you altar out of the way of prying eyes, or be able to bring it with you on the go? Use some of these ideas for creating a Pagan altar that will fit into the smallest spaces, be portable, or hidden in plain view.

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please like or reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog. I’m looking for new blogs to follow. I’m especially interested in blogs that post about paganism and/or witchcraft, Hellenic Polytheism, architecture, nature (especially dark/misty forests), and/or cooking/recipes/kitchen witchcraft. thank you!

After a little research into cults of Athena I found that at the temple of Athena Polioukhos and Khalkioikon  in Lakedaimonia there were a number of small bells found there, some of terra cotta and some of bronze, a few with Athena’s name inscribed on them.

There’s no solid theory on them, but it’s believed they were potentially votive offerings and there’s one theory I like and it’s to do with the usage of bells on shields and in horse harnesses to frighten the enemy on the battlefield. They don’t know for certain what they were really for, but that’s pretty neat! Nice little votive idea if there’s any truth to it. Need to do some more digging. 


Does anyone have a spell/charm to beat social anxiety/fear? I’m suffering a lot under it at the moment and counseling will take a while cos there’s a waiting list. Anything I can try in the meantime?

Hi there, I totally understand how you’re feeling and I made a post a while back that I hope will help you in some way <3 Hit me up if you need anything else okay?

A Witch’s Stress Release Jar


You will need:

  1. A Large, transparent jar
  2. A bunch of glitter (any color you’d like; shapes are a nice touch)
  3. A Teaspoon dried Lavender
  4. A few small chunks of Amethyst (or Moonstone, Citrine, Aventurine)
  5. A Purple candle
  6. Rain water
  7. A few drops of food coloring (your choice of color)

How to make: Combine all of the ingredients in the jar and seal with wax. Put your energy into the jar when you are most at peace.

How to use: When You are feeling especially stressed, down, etc, this makes a GREAT distraction. Just light a candle (best if done in the dark), and shake up the jar. Place the jar in front of the candle and enjoy the shadows and sparkles. Let yourself relax with the images of the glitter dancing on your walls!

Just scanning over the titles for the Greek Religion research projects.

Discuss the variety of Athena cults in ancient Greece, her spheres of influence, her symbols and myths.

Oh heck yes, this question was made for me.

Is there a UK version of that pagans in the US post going around? It’d be pretty neat to know others nearby here too :)

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"That’s not how karma works"
— Ancient Witch Proverb. (via moon-rust)
Salt Dough Offering Bowls



Salt Dough Recipe

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of flour

How to make the salt dough

Add the 1/2 cup of salt and 1 cup of flour to a bowl stir in the water adding it slowly – you may not need all of the water. You want the dough to be dry – if it gets sticky add more flour. Knead the dough and then roll out and use as you want. (at this stage you can press flowers, glass peddles, beads, crystals etc that you want to decorate with)

Once you have made the shapes you want then you need to dry them so you can paint. Traditionally salt dough is dried in the oven which takes around 3 hours at a low heat so they don’t burn. But instead swap your oven for a microwave and zap for 3 mins *(I leave my to dry in a warm place over a few days).  If when the time is up they are still a little wet then just put back in for another 20 seconds at a time until done. Leave to cool down and then paint.

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classics students who claim to be experts in their field but somehow aren’t familiar with the works of Pausanias and Herodotus

how do you even manage that


mention: ethanosten letterstoatticus

I’ll be honest, I’m at NYU and those guys aren’t in…

Wait wait WHAT

How can you do anything in Classics without them???

We can’t escape Herodotus and Pausinas, because they’re, y’know, important?

Welp, least I know my course is doing better than so,e in that area :I