have comprehensive lists of them been made? can you guys reblog with yours, lists, and any others you know? i have two: hera and persephone

Non-PC Shrines

PC Shrines

Here’s my Athena e-shrine :) of-war-and-wisdom

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Anonymous asked: Can I give you a hug ?

Lol sure if you want too!

Anonymous asked: Hello! Pardon me, but I have a question about the back to school bottle. Can one make it without the coltsfoot and lemon balm? I haven't had any luck finding them, and I only have about ten days until school starts.

Of course you can!

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stubborn-witch asked: Hello! I was wondering if you give out spells or curses for specific things? (Preferably curses but a spell is okay too!) I'm in need of help on a personal matter, and I think a spell or curse is what I need :) Thanks!

I can create a spell for you no problem!

However, I’ve never dabbled in curses, I’m not against them I’ve just never had to make one myself!

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Lacking a little motivation?

So you’re feeling a little slow and sluggish, a little lethargic even. You just need that extra boost to get you going.

There’s some simple things to do first, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day to keep hydrated, ensure you’re eating regularly and healthily (fast foods will make you feel sluggish, even if it tastes good!) and that you’re getting a full and decent night’s rest. If you’re struggling with sleep I’d first suggest getting a change of pillows and turning your mattress. Try taking a little walk in the mornings when you’ve gotten up as well, just to get a bit of fresh air.

If you’re still having troubles, try this little spell below.

Get Up and Get Going!
A spell to shrug off that slow, sluggish feeling.

What you’ll need;

- Aventurine gemstone
- Carnelian gemstone
- Clear quartz gemstone- Bowl of purified water (boil water and let it cool)
- Rock salt
- A full moon (optional!)

I’ve picked these three because I’ve found they’re the best went trying to get things done. Aventurine is my all time favourite stone, it’s great for easing anxiety and also gives a nice confidence boost. Carnelian is a great stone for focus and concentration and Clear Quartz is a great stone for energising and dispelling negativity.

Get your bowl of purified water and set it out overnight with the gemstones resting in the water, just covered over, it doesn’t have to be on the night of the full moon, but I think it helps give that extra buzz. You can always do this and then repeat on a full moon.

The next day, get rid of the water and then place the stones on a bed of rock salt until completely dry. After that, hold each of the stones and focus on what exactly you want out of them. So channel that desire to get your motivation back into these stones until you’re satisfied with them.

With the stones charged, you can carry these around with you or leave them in your room or wherever you spend most of your time to help you try and shed that state of lethargy you’ve been feeling.

I hope that works for you all! :)

Anonymous asked: Hey, I've been kinda feeling a little slow and sluggish for awhile now, and was wondering if there is any motivation/energy spell that could help? (I love this blog by the way, it's helped out a friend and I a lot :) )

Before jumping to spells there’re some simple things you can do to help yourself feel a bit more energised!

Do simple things like make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, make sure you’re getting a full good night’s sleep, even take a walk after you wake up just to get some fresh air in your lungs to take on the day :)

If you’re still struggling, I’m just going to write up a little motivational spell for you now <3

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wealdwold asked: Hi, where in Kent are you based? :)

Canterbury :)

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20 Clever Altar Ideas



Do you have a small apartment? Do you share your space with someone who doesn’t respect your privacy? Do you prefer to keep you altar out of the way of prying eyes, or be able to bring it with you on the go? Use some of these ideas for creating a Pagan altar that will fit into the smallest spaces, be portable, or hidden in plain view.

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please like or reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog. I’m looking for new blogs to follow. I’m especially interested in blogs that post about paganism and/or witchcraft, Hellenic Polytheism, architecture, nature (especially dark/misty forests), and/or cooking/recipes/kitchen witchcraft. thank you!

After a little research into cults of Athena I found that at the temple of Athena Polioukhos and Khalkioikon  in Lakedaimonia there were a number of small bells found there, some of terra cotta and some of bronze, a few with Athena’s name inscribed on them.

There’s no solid theory on them, but it’s believed they were potentially votive offerings and there’s one theory I like and it’s to do with the usage of bells on shields and in horse harnesses to frighten the enemy on the battlefield. They don’t know for certain what they were really for, but that’s pretty neat! Nice little votive idea if there’s any truth to it. Need to do some more digging.